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Thursday, September 15, 2016

I really need to vent.

Do you ever get to a point where you sit back and look at your life and wonder, "How in the world did I, ME, get to a place in my life where THIS is the stuff that is consuming my energy and stressing me out?" I mean, if you told me 10 years ago that I would be hopping mad over how my husband's ex-wife treats our kids, I would probably run the other way as fast as I could! But this is where I am in life, and yes, I am hopping mad! Three things:

1. Okay, remember last year, how she pitched a HUGE ROYAL fit about me planning a spa day for Jane's 13th birthday, and how dare I overstep such a sacred mommy-daughter thing, etc? Well, fast-forward to this year. Jane is scheduled to be in her care on her 14th birthday. We did our celebration early when she was with us--but only cake and presents--nothing extravagant, so that she can do all the over-the-top special little mommy-daughter stuff she pleases. Imagine my surprise then (not really!) when I find out she left Jane FOR 3 STRAIGHT DAYS, BIRTHDAY INCLUDED with a new, not-so-close friend so bio mom could leave town, and come back to town her birthday night, but instead of seeing her daughter, go to a concert instead!! And I was out of line for actually spending her birthday WITH her? MIND-BLOWN! Need I say more?

2. The second thing getting my blood boiling is how she handled Kate's dance lessons for this year. There was a registration day every week starting back in June at the dance school Kate has attended since the age of 3. Guess who never went to one of them? Yeah. So school starts and Kate still can't tell me what day her dance lessons are this year, so I pick up the phone and ask. Here's what I get: "Well, I didn't register her because I wanted to look at a dance school that's closer to our new house. Well, also I didn't think she wanted to take dance any more. Well, I just haven't had time. And you know I had to wait to make sure it didn't interfere with volleyball, and ...... " Yeah, I've heard enough. Kate beside me started crying her eyes out. She couldn't believe she wasn't even signed up, and definitely would not want to change schools. So I offer to see if there are any openings on my days and I would just take her. Suddenly, OMG, NO WAY! She found an immediate opening on her day for the exact class Kate wanted. Just too flipping lazy to ever take initiative on these things.

3. Number three-- a really good one. She called my husband at work this week to say that I have been making Jane feel bad every time I make a comment about how far our drive to school is, and I really need to stop saying anything about it. WHAT?? I HAVE SO MANY PROBLEMS WITH THIS! First of all lady, you move an hour away from us last minute, and tell me not to say a word about it? Seriously, are you the one sitting in a car for 4 hours a day? Are you the one who has to make a 2 hour round trip just to see your kid sit on the bench at her volleyball game? Are you the one who is being forced to move into an area you don't even like? NO. Second, don't you dare EVER call MY husband to complain about me. If you have a problem with me, call me! You two are not on a team against me, EVER! And you never will be! Third, don't make this about Jane feeling bad. No. Jane doesn't feel bad--it's you who is just sick of feeling guilty for what you did to us. Oh, the nerve of some people! She is so consumed with herself, she can't see past her own nose!

If you're still reading, I apologize for all that negative energy. Just had to get it off my chest without annoying the hubby.


  1. These women absolutely baffle me. The nerve they have! I can't even fathom how they manage to sleep at night.

    Our kids' bio mom *aka egg donor* had the nerve to show up for the big appearance for her daughter's softball game for her 10th birthday this year completely empty-handed. She wants the reward and the fame, but she's yet to pay any child support, she does absolutely nothing to contribute to these kids, but rest assured she's going to post to her world on Facebook how awesome she is.

    My favorite part was that E.D. (egg donor) absolutely HAD to show up for the first day of school (had to make sure she got a picture to post on Fb, of course), but don't you know, she never once bothered to call them for TWO STRAIGHT WEEKS?

    Boils my blood to a whole new level.

    1. Hi Kaci--sorry I'm so late responding! Thanks for reading and commenting! Your story sounds familiar... I had to force myself to stop checking her FB because it made me sooo angry how different it was from reality--Posting pictures that I took and sent her like she was there, etc. It can be really frustrating. Keep on loving those kids and find yourself an outlet!

    2. I realize this was 2 years ago but it's EXACTLY what's happening in my life Bio mom posts every single encounter with the kids on Facebook hash tagging things like my children are my life, this is what I did today.. Like what?! Who is she trying to convince that she's a perfect mother Grrrr Mind you I've raised both of my s-kids for 12 yrs with no child support until recently!!

    3. Thanks for reading and sharing!! Hope things have improved for you!

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    1. Thanks so much for that reminder! I really need to post soon. Thanks for reading!